“Vegas Nexus” Mini-Doc Explores Emerging Tech Communities in Las Vegas

Centered around Ai, Web3, and Cryptocurrency education and adoption. Our documentary gives a glimpse of the future of Las Vegas with interviews from tech visionaries, startups, hackers, makers, and event organizers who support a growing community of knowledgable and friendly people based in Las Vegas. We highlight a variety of tech friendly venues such as the JRNY Club an NFT art gallery and a beacon of emerging technology in the downtown Arts District, Area 15 a must see buffet for the senses and the Nerd a comic con themed bar and nightclub located downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.

Our documentary delves into the advancement of psychedelics in popular culture and shows a thriving and supportive community that’s raising awareness and educating about the benefits of psychedelics. We interview the president of the Las Vegas Psychedelic Society and highlight legislation about psychedelic mushrooms that was recently passed into law.

We explore Las Vegas, emerging technologies, consciousness and the communities that support it. There’s only one frontier that remains. It’s located about 80 miles from Las Vegas. A declassified secret base known as Area 51. In this final segment we ask one simple question, do aliens exist? The responses that you hear might make you think twice!

Our mission with this documentary is to highlight the people and places that make Las Vegas special and what it will become in the future. We aim to show you a side of Vegas that most don’t see. We highlight the driving force behind our thriving tech based communities because we believe at the essence of technology is humanity. That we must never lose our humanity within new technology.

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