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What Space Do You Need For Each Phases Of The Growing Process?

April 22, 2022

This depends on your circumstances and whether you are growing indoors or
outdoors. As an illustration, I’ll give you the minimum you need to get you up
and running.

Phase 1: Inoculation – To mix your spores with your substrate you
simply need a box for the stirring.
If you are growing indoors you’ll also need a sturdy plastic bag or box to
put the mixed substrate in. Job done.
You can pick up mushroom spores and bags cheaply at a mushroom
supply shop.
If you are growing outdoors then one bag of spore substrate mix can be
added to about 1 meter of shady ground.

Phase 2: Incubation – If you are indoors, the bag you have used also
acts as your incubator, which you then need to store somewhere warm
and dark. Some examples include an airing cupboard, on a shelf in a
wardrobe or under the stairs.
The space you need depends on the size and number of bags you have.
One thing though, always make sure that wherever they are stored, you
can easily keep them at around 20-24C.
For outside incubation, make sure that your patch is covered to keep it
warm you can use straw, a container or fleece.

Phase 3: Fruiting – It’s now time to expose them to air and light and the
easiest way of doing that is cutting your mushroom bag open and
putting it near a window. If you feel there’s not enough fresh air
circulating, then open the window for a couple of hours and let your
mushrooms breath.
For outdoors, just remove your covering.
It’s that simple and as you can see you really don’t need a lot of space or