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Oyster Mushrooms

April 22, 2022

Why Grow Oyster Mushrooms?
Well they grow super fast. In fact, you can grow them in just 3-4 weeks from
start to finish.
Also, they are not as fussy about what they grow in, which is known as the
substrate, which we’ll look at in more depth later on.
This is important as a lot of mushrooms are very picky about the growing
medium, whereas with oyster mushrooms, they’ll grow in.

● Wheat straw (pasteurized)
● Rice straw (pasteurized)
● Rice bran (pasteurized)
● Molasses (pasteurized)
● Coffee straw (pasteurized)
● Banana leaves (pasteurized)
● Tea leaves (pasteurized)
● Cotton straw (pasteurized)
● Saw dust (pasteurized)

Also, they are tough and need very little effort to cultivate and are great at
competing against diseases and microorganisms.
What Are the Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms?
They are both a gourmet and medicinal mushroom and as a superfood they
are packed with:
● Antioxidants, vitamin D, and iron
● They’re a great source of protein
● Contains iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus & selenium
● They have beta-glucans that protect your immune system
● They help with balancing cholesterol

Why Are They Ideal To Growing Indoors?
Unlike a lot of their contemporaries, they can be grown all year-round, in a
tiny space with little light, at the average temperature and humidity found in
most homes, making them ideal for cultivation.