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Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

April 22, 2022

Why Grow Lions Mane Mushrooms?
Other than looking like an alien from a Sci Fi film, they are both medical and
nutritional. Again, they grow fast and are great with a lot of commonly used

What Are the Benefits of Lions Mane Mushrooms?
They’re a great adaptogen, which helps the body resist physical, chemical or
biological stress. They’ve been used for 1000s of years in Chinese Traditional
Medicine as a preventative to boost your system and prevent disease.
In fact, not only do they they taste great, but they’re also good for:
● Memory loss
● Detoxification
● Antiinflamatory

Why Are They Ideal To Growing Indoors?
As with oyster mushrooms, they can be grown all year-round, in a very small
space in shady light, at the average temperature found in most homes.
Where they differ is in the humidity they like, which needs to be high. That
means it’s important to mist them throughout the day.