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Growing Mushrooms On Stumps

April 22, 2022

If you are in the fortunate position of having land littered with tree stumps
partially or fully shaded, then these are ideal mediums for mushroom
colonies. Both gourmet and medicinal mushrooms thrive on stumps,
particularly hardwoods, and they self generate with little cultivation
necessary. You just let nature do her thing.

If the stump has moss or ferns growing around it then you’re ready to go.
However, watch out for competitor fungi, if they are present, your mushrooms
will be fighting for living space, so that stump may not be ideal.

How To Inoculate Stumps
Once you’ve found the right candidate make sure you inoculate before the
wild mushroom season starts. You can do this by putting the plug spawn
directly into cracks or by drilling holes and inserting the inoculated plug or
sawdust spawn into the holes.