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Growing Mushrooms On Logs

April 22, 2022

The next best thing to growing on stumps is logs. As we mentioned earlier
the Chinese have been doing this for millennia. Unlike stump growing
though, it’s not set and forget. This is the main disadvantages to the process
as it is labor intensive and takes time.
If you are interested in doing this, cut the logs in winter or early spring.
Hardwoods are best and they need to be green and a yard in length and 4–10
inches in diameter. Keep them off the ground and inoculate within 2 months.
Once inoculated with about 50 plugs, using the methods outlined above you
need to stack them like matchsticks for 12 months. Make sure that there is
space between each log so air can circulate.
Then soak the logs and build a fence with them again, making sure there is
space between them.