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How to Host a Crypto Meetup

Are you considering hosting a meetup? Do you appreciate the value of community? There are many reasons to host a meetup. For us the number one reason is to bring people together. Give people a place to be among other like-minded individuals. It’s important to provide a platform to express new ideas, share new technology and exchange information.

While hosting a meetup does require work it’s not as difficult as you may think. Hosting meetups for the right reasons and from a place of positivity and gratitude greatly benefits you and your community of friends, family, and neighbors.

Here are the seven steps to hosting a Crypto meetup.

Choose the venue –
It should be appropriate for the type of meetup you are hosting. Don’t overthink it, consider attending other meetups in the area to get an idea of the possibilities. Once you narrow down the choices contact the venue and see if they are available for the dates of your meetup. On the day of the event bring a sign to post outside so people know they are at the right place. Posting another sign on the inside helps attendees find the group.

Pick a theme –
Crypto can mean a lot of things. You can host meetups around topics such as wallets, privacy or coding. One suggestion is to host a “Show and Tell” meetup. Participants can present their favorite crypto project or open source device. It’s also good to host casual no frills mixers for the local community to get to know each other.

We also suggest hosting meetups around the same time as larger events. For example if there’s a technology conference in your area you can invite them and attract crypto enthusiasts from around the world. Another great idea is to host a can food drive in November and December. Charity is an important part of every community. We are building a welcoming community of knowledgeable and friendly people with a desire to help each other.

Get sponsors –
A sponsor is not required to have a fun and successful meetup. Sponsorship helps pay for food and drinks, gift bags, an upgraded venue, printed invitations, advertising, sound systems and other expenses. Sponsors benefit by gaining exposure and obtaining new users or clients. Sponsors may have an important message they want you to share with your community. Sponsors can also provide promotional items like T-shirts or discounts.

Find ways to support your favorite crypto project. Check with them because you’re in a position to help. See if they’ll agree to a free sponsorship spot just because you want to support them. Also, there are grant programs available from decentralized crypto projects so be sure to check with everyone when looking for sponsors.

Post your meetup –
Once you have chosen a theme and your venue is confirmed it’s time to post your meetup. There are multiple platforms like and Choose one that fits your needs. Tell people what they can expect at the meetup.

Share your meetup –
Once you’ve opened your event to RSVP you can tell everyone you know. Share it on social media, text and email your friends and family and post it at the venue. Invite everyone! From the postman to the grocery store clerk so everyone can benefit from attending your meetup.

Connect with everybody –
This is your opportunity to meet new people be sure to say hello to everyone and be available to greet new guests whenever possible. Be open to exchanging contact info and always encourage privacy focused messaging and email apps. Consider using this opportunity to build an email list so you can keep everyone updated on your next meetup or start up a newsletter.

After the meetup –
We recommend checking in with attendees, speakers and sponsors. Ask them how you can improve the meetup because there’s always room for improvement. Then start planning your next meetup. It’s never too soon to host your next meetup.

All the above steps are optional. Doing something is not optional. Right now there is a community of good people who would love to have a place to meet other like minded individuals. Providing a place to meet doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as posting it on for free and hosting an online meetup. However, nothing can replace an in person meetup, it’s a benefit to everyone… the venue, the attendees and you.

Thank you for being you!

Now let’s start hosting meetups! GrooveDude About the author: GrooveDude has two main interests, crypto and mushrooms. He hosts crypto meetups in Vegas with He’s building a decentralized food supply with and he’s facilitating the use of crypto with his Magic Mushroom Spores from He has been a figure in crypto since early 2018 with his live broadcasts on DecentralizedTV and his Vegas Crypto podcasts. His based takes can be found on Twitter @LifeSizeBox. GrooveDude is the organizer of a virtual summit called Crypto Mindset Reset. A two day summit highlighting the best crypto projects in the world.

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