Why Crypto Mindset Reset?

The goal of our summit is build upon the strength of our community by providing tools to effectively use crypto. Don’t just attend, don’t just watch, DO SOMETHING. Our presentations and workshops are designed for you to follow along and get things done to improve your life before, during and after the summit. The Crypto Mindset Reset is the ideal platform for everybody in the crypto community to join forces!

The Crypto Mindset Reset Day 1 Recap

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Mike Wilson, founder of The Crypto Mindset Reset opened the day warmly welcoming the community and setting the stage for the day.

Yamez Phi, Crypto enthusiast and Psychedelic Decriminalization community leader Led us through a mind opening meditation. He then handed us a conceptual Gandalf wand by saying that Crypto is the "Manna" behind the Magic that makes this technology what it truly is.

Paul Puey, Crypto OG and CEO of Edge (formerly AirBitz), shares why Self Custody is important for all Crypto users and the compelling reasons why.

Motivation Mitch shared how things in the world don't happen to you they happen for you and that we should strive to lift each other up to combat the negative noise and junk out there in the air waves.... The panel of Ilham Jama, Najah Roberts, JA Montgomery, Seth Estrada emphasized and agreed on the need for sovereignty and independence for all. Also they shared why education is needed and why we should not dependent on the government and corporations to do it for us. From a different angle, Corporations are the most widely used mechanism of mass adoption for people.
 Motivation Mitch shared how things in the world don't happen to you they happen for you and that we should strive to lift each other up to combat the negative noise and junk out there in the air waves.

Frank, a certified Ethical Hacker did some cyber sleuthing took us through step by step inside the account and website of a scammer so that we may avoid such an experience for ourselves and our peers.

Rob McNealy of TUSC Blockchain shared what it will take for mass adoption to happen namely: customers. He cautions the Crypto industry against staying in a bubble and to get out there in other industry verticals as Crypto brands. Kaylen G Smith, a filmmaker, designer, shared with us about how the secret is not just selling NFTs but using them as an investment vehicle to go beyond Kickstarter where fans also get a piece of the action. He also cautions against relying on big Tech platforms like YouTube as the main home for your content.

Next, was a fireside chat with Mike Wilson, Rice TVx, Crypto Blood, Kaylen G Smith, Trekk and Rob McNealy discussing the future of politics. Govern or be governed? With Blockchains and transparent ledgers that can be seen and voted on by users, why are politicians or middlemen needed now? They also implored pioneers to embrace the fact that we are in a regulatory gray area and rules will need to be bent. In addition, regulation is coming whether we like it or not and we should be more involved in the conversation to help shape positive legislation.

David Baxter from the Blockchain Learning Center described how they learn and document questions and collect them to help others. He also shared some materials and resources for everyone to use for their Blockchain adoption journey and explaining to others.

Last but not least was several members of Moloch Digital including Bogie, Bobcat, Musashi, 150 and Co who shared why the Metaverse transcends our current interfaces and body language. They also demoed a custom 3D Metaverse world.

What happened at The Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit Day 2?

Mike Wilson, founder of The Crypto Mindset Reset and the Vegas Crypto Group, brought in the day introducing all the speakers and sponsors. He also showed off his Uplift Metaverse plot for his magic mushroom spore brand, Spore Baby.

Yamez Phi, leader of Decriminalize Nature Nevada and Las Vegas Psychedelic Society, kicked things off with a guided meditation. The goal: help viewers assimilate and integrate the Virtual Conference into themselves. He emphasized the connection between Crypto technologies and Psychedelics. Ultimately, bring these ideas to others but use their language and concepts.

Corey and Samantha of the Uplift World excitedly shared their space which allow you to build what you love on in-world land. It’s currently using the Minecraft engine under the hood for creating this world but will migrate to Minetest soon. They did a live-stream tradition where they write gratitude statements from viewers in their Metaverse.

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