Meet Mike Wilson, Founder of Inform Empower and Vegas Crypto Group

Hey everyone! I’m Mike! I have been hosting meetups and events in Vegas since 2018. I am passionate about maintaining our humanity within the rise of emerging technologies by bringing people together in real life and online.

I’m the co-founder of and founder of, director and producer of the “Vegas Nexus” documentary series and founder of – Magic mushroom spores and more. I am an advocate for naturopathic medicine and the benefits of all plants, herbs, and fungus. I host a virtual summit centered around emerging technology such as Ai, Web3, and the Metaverse.

At our meetups and events, we offer a diverse range of activities, from charity initiatives and outdoor hikes to engaging presentations, workshops, and speakers. These gatherings serve as opportunities for individuals to network, learn, and contribute to the growth of the community.

As the organizer of our meetups, events, and virtual summits, my goal is to inspire a fresh perspective among attendees who are excited about emerging technology. At our gatherings, we emphasize the importance of coming together as a community and learning from one another. Through presentations, workshops, and speakers, we delve into various topics such as Ai, Web3, and Blockchain technology. Additionally, we offer networking mixers and hybrid gatherings where attendees can connect and exchange ideas both in person and in virtual spaces like the metaverse.

During our virtual summits, participants can expect a rich array of content, including keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. We cover topics ranging from the latest advancements in Ai and Web3 to workshops and discussions on cybersecurity and digital privacy. Our events provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to help attendees navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of emerging technology.

Looking ahead, we are always seeking new topics and ideas to explore at our events. Whether you’re interested in sponsoring an event, suggesting a topic for discussion, or simply securing your VIP ticket to our next gathering, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of the emerging technology industry. Together, let’s continue to innovate, connect, and inspire change. Apply to Participate today!

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