Inform Empower Founder on Emerging Tech Mastery Podcast

Host Aaron Mangal from Emerging Tech Mastery Podcast interviews Mike Wilson, founder of and the Vegas Crypto Group meetup. Mike’s extensive background in technology dates back to the 80s, including his attendance at the first DEFcon events in Las Vegas. He has since established a local community around new tech like Cryptocurrency and Blockchains, and regularly hosts Virtual Summits on Financial Literacy, Cyber/Info Security and Technology Education.

In this interview:
  1. Insights into the Cipherpunk scene in the 90s and the unmatched passion of that era compared to today.
  2. Mike’s encounters with notable figures like Hal Finney and Phil Zimmerman, who were involved in Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) development.
  3. The early philosophies and values, such as freedom and privacy, that shaped the early tech space.
  4. Explorations into early Cipherpunk activities like telecom phreaking and early internet hacking.
  5. Modern-day equivalents of Cipherpunk communities and cultures, such as Monerotopia.
  6. How Bitcoin exemplifies the success of decentralized community ownership.
  7. The significance of community building in the tech world.
  8. Tips and insights on how to start building your own tech community.

Please visit to listen to the podcast: How To Build Emerging Tech Communities/

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