Web3 Wednesdays 7-9pm at Onyx Bar Inside Red Rock Hosted by Lyra Rae

Vegas Crypto Group is excited to support Web3 Wednesdays hosted by Lyra Rae @ThePleiadesWorld – Every first Wednesday of the month! Don’t miss Lyra’s next meetup every first Wednesday of each month at the Onyx Bar inside Red Rock Casino 8pm to 10pm (usually runs later).

Come discuss Web3, Crypto, Blockchain and more emerging tech with knowledgable and friendly builders, creators and tech enthusiasts from Las Vegas and around the world. We hope to see you there! Join the meetup group and RSVP for her next meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/las-vegas-metaverse-mavens/

Vegas Crypto Group is helping to foster a growing community of emerging tech start ups and blockchain based projects. We host online and in person meetups and events in Vegas, Miami and LA since 2018. We’ve launched our new community website called Inform Empower and we are proud to announce that we are producing our mini-doc about emerging tech in Las Vegas called Vegas Nexus. Find out more at InformEmpower.com

Please visit https://informempower.com/all-events/ for complete list of all events.

Vegas Crypto Group facilitates a friendly and knowledgeable group. We organize meetups out of a passion for self-ownership, free exchange, emerging technology and for the decentralized, distributed, transparent, peer to peer, permission-less, pseudo-anonymous, censorship resistant Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community. Visit us and join our Discord server at https://www.VegasCryptoGroup.com

We look forward to seeing you at the Onyx Bar inside Red Rock Casino Every First Wednesday 7pm to 9pm!


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