Psychedelic Integration Circle


Tuesday evenings we hold our weekly psychedelic integration circles from 6-8 pm *IN PERSON* Doors lock at 6:30, message and we can hold the space open for a few extra minutes. The LVPS Psychedelic Integration circles are a safe place for people from all walks of life to get together to share and discuss their relationship with psychedelics.
We’ll start with a brief meditation and open the circle up for sharing and feedback. There is no obligation to speak, there are no expectations except that everyone in attendance treat one another with love and respect. Every journey is unique, as is each perspective.

Whether we’re processing a rough experience, working to make sense of a puzzling message, or doing our own research before engaging with these medicines, the support of community is invaluable and our integration circles are a great place to find just that.

The psychedelic integration circles are not a place to buy or sell drugs, for the safety of the community we ask that everyone refrain from possessing, advertising, or soliciting illegal substances/activities at our events, groups, or on our social media pages.

The Las Vegas Psychedelic Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the local and global psychedelic community through events, education, and peer support. Our integration circles are free to the public and all services donation driven. To help support our efforts and pay for the space we do ask for a sliding scale donation of $10-20

By no means is the donation ask a barrier for entry. You are loved, your presence is enough.

Every Tuesday night from 6-8pm *6160 Transverse Dr · Las Vegas, NV*

No pictures or video/audio recording please.

See you there! Feel free to contact us at or join our public group chat on signal at the below link,

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