Mint Day at the Goat bar April 18th 6-10pm Sponsored by SporeBaby


This is a hybrid event! Join us online or at the Goat bar April 18th 6-10pm

We will be broadcasting live from the Goat bar on mint day! Join us for an opportunity to learn more about the GoTrip mission and community. Learn more about the benefits of psychedelics directly from our GoTrip project founders.

What is
GoTrip is your access pass to Vegas Crypto Group meetups, events and private screenings and VIP access to Inform Empower virtual summits. It’s an effort to support the people and organizations that help people. GoTrip has partnered with the Compassion Center, the Global Psychedelic Society, and Decriminalize Nature. These organizations have a track record of helping people. Research has shown psychedelics can help with depression, anxiety, ptsd, suicide prevention, addiction recovery, alzheimer’s, dementia and much more.

The GoTrip mission is to raise awareness and educate about the benefits of psychedelics through our uniquely generated art collection. Through our art we describe three phases of the journey. The onset, the portal, and the peak.

Decentralized Science (DeSci) – Don’t trip! We’re ensuring that psychedelic research is on the blockchain, widely available, immutable with free and open access to everyone. Preventing medical lies and fraud.

GoTrip NFT holders receive early access to an ebook written by the President of the Las Vegas Psychedelic Society to help people understand more about psychedelics and how their ancestors would safely and effectively use them to care for disease both mental and physical.

GoTrip NFT holders can redeem their NFT for a SporeBaby gift bag, only available in person at our private screenings, meetups and events. Holders also receive access to our private movie screenings and to our online psychedelic integration circle.

GoTrip Roadmap: Enter the world of Web3 with Go Trip Art and Inform Empower. Connect your wallet and open a portal into exclusive community and content designed to raise awareness and educate about emerging technology and psychedelics.

If you support psychedelics and want to help us raise awareness and educate, consider minting (April 2024) at and join our discord for much more!

GoTrip is proud to announce we are official sponsors for “Vegas Nexus” – screenings are planned for Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Miami, NYC, LA, Nashville, Atlanta, Philadelphia and more. All locations and dates will be announced on

The “Vegas Nexus” documentary shares the GoTrip mission; to raise awareness and educate about psychedelics. The documentary talks about emerging technology such as Ai, Web3 and Blockchain. Informing and empowering people about the practical uses of these emerging technologies. The documentary highlights startups, event organizers, influencers and projects in Vegas who are driving forward innovation for the good of all people everywhere. Attend an event online or in person – learn more at

Inform Empower is more than just a website; it’s an online community that offers training courses and hosts virtual summits. Its primary mission is to inform, educate, and empower individuals from all walks of life. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your skills or a curious learner eager to explore new topics, Inform Empower has something to offer. Learn more about Inform Empower here:

Vegas Crypto Group is facilitating a friendly and knowledgeable meetup group. We organize meetups out of a passion for self-ownership, free exchange, emerging technology and for the decentralized, distributed, transparent, peer to peer, permission-less, pseudo-anonymous, censorship resistant Bitcoin and Crypto community. Learn more about our GoTrip NFT initiative at


The event is finished.


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